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With the support of both a live and small screen audience, we present a unique place where top business minds and young business people will come together, eager to prove themselves and succeed.

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Now’s your chance to invest online in promising business ideas. Access and invest as little as 10KM towards the growth of a unique network of start-up companies and expect exponential profit growth.

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Under the bright spotlights, present your genius business idea which can be supported not by 1, 2 or 3 investors, but, THE WHOLE WORLD. Get ready for the Forbes list after that.

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Findessa Live will unlock registration tools on an interactive platform on Monday, November 1st, 2021 and give everyone equal access to skills, capital and a network of business community leaders. Don’t miss out!


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We are the first regional live crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs meet with investors in real time. On one digital platform, we bring together the best in the business, entertainment and social world.

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We know you want to change the world and we are aware of the fact that you need help to develop your business idea. We want you to know that your idea is welcome in the only place where you can make your dreams come true!

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They say that the most valuable currency of modern times is information, and only those who are at the source of reliable, secure and true information can do business wisely. Welcome! You are in the right place.

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Every investor should be aware that investing in new and young companies involves different levels of risk. Precise rules do not exist, so experienced investors practice that their investment portfolio abounds in various investments. This means that they choose a variety of ideas and invest different amounts in them. Thus, depending on the success of a certain startup and the amount of investment, the return itself depends.

While the targeted return should reflect the visible level of risk in any investment, there is a possibility that such returns will never materialize and / or be sufficient to compensate the investor for the risks taken. In some cases, the loss of the entire investment is possible.

In addition to these facts, about which you can find more details in the section Risks, it is certainly an interesting fact that among the promising startup companies there is sometimes a 'Unicorn', and the investor who discovers it has the opportunity to achieve a return of 1,000 to 50,000 times higher than the investment. This opportunity is therefore one of the most attractive aspects of smart business and private equity investment.

Although we can't wait to hear all your ingenious business ideas, in order for this concept to work, you need to have a registered business and an active bank account. This idea can be a startup, but also an upgrade of an existing company with an innovative approach for which it is not possible to raise a commercial loan in a bank.

Startup companies are young and their shares cannot be traded on the stock exchange.

The decision to invest on the Findessa Live platform gives you the opportunity to secure a profit at an early stage of the young company's development, which has a lot of room for future exponential development.

Membership on the Findessa Live interactive platform is completely free for anyone interested in discovering smart investment and networking opportunities with respectable members of the global business community.

The moment you want to advance your role to one that has more features, the Findessa Live platform offers different membership packages, depending on whether you want to gain worldwide fame as an investor, or as a genius mind.

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Pametno poslovanje

Prilika koja se ne propušta - besplatna registracija za sve startup kompanije! Prijavi se prije svih!

Kad pričamo o startupima, neizbježno je dotaći se izvora finansiranja za početni razvoj...

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Pametno poslovanje

Popularni izgovori za odustajanje od poslovne ideje i kako ih prevazići

Trebali ste započeti sa realizacijom svoje poslovne ideje već jučer. Čitate ovo jer niste....

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Investiranje od A do Ž

5 knjiga koje trebate pročitati ukoliko se želite baviti investiranjem

Milijarder Warren Buffet provodi 80% svog dana čitajući. Bill Gates čita 50 knjiga...

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Investiranje od A do Ž

Šta je privatni kapital (private equity)?

Privatni kapital (eng. private equity) je kolektivni pojam koji označava sve vrste ulaganja...

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Pametno poslovanje

Brending za startupe: šta je to u imenu?

Uspostavljanje jakog imena domene jedna je od prvih stvari o kojima treba razgovarati...

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